Absolute De-Tox Drinks

Have any questions about our Absolute Detox Drinks? Are there any side effects? I want to make sure I am clean? I dint avoid toxins for 48 hours? Where can I find my product expiration date? Check our FAQ!


I used your Absolute Detox Drink and now I have diarrhea, what does this mean? Is this natural?

Yes, this is normal; the product is a detoxifying dietary supplement, which can have that result on some individuals. This is a temporary side effect and will subside.

Where can I find my expiration date on the product?

You will find a "Best by" date printed on the top of the cap. If there's no "Best by" date printed on the cap your drink needs to be replaced.

I want to make sure I am clean for my test; can I take the XXL if I am not over 200 lbs (90kg / 14 stone)?

You do not need to take the XXL Carbo Drink if you are under 200 lbs. The XXL is for persons over 200 lbs. The 16 oz carbo drink is for persons under 200 lbs. Both products are for light to moderate smokers.

I didn't avoid toxins for 48 hours before the test like the directions say; will this product still work for me?

Probably not. You need to follow the directions printed on the bottle.