Drug Testing - Inconclusive Lab Results

There are several types of results on a drug test other than pass or fail. Two of these are sample too dilute, or unable to obtain valid results. These two results sound similar but are very different in the laboratory's viewpoint.

Sample too Dilute - This simply mean too much water or liquid was consumed before the test. The creatine and or specific gravity were too low because the sample was too diluted. This can happen for lots of reason like drinking coffee, exercising in the morning or intentionally diluting the sample to pass a drug test. When this happens, the labs ask the individual to return and provide another sample. By law, an individual can not be fired for continually providing samples that are too dilute. For a pre-employment drug screen, most employees will give a candidate only two chances to provide an adequate sample.

Unable to Obtain Valid Results - These results are from a smoker who fit in one or more of the following categories:

  1. Tester is a heavy smoker (daily).
  2. The tester took the test in the morning.
  3. The tester skipped breakfast.
  4. The tester is more than 20 pounds over weight
  5. Tester used Urine LuckTM additive.
  6. The lab was unable to find an adulterant.

The tester smokes a lot so the EMIT screen is highly positive, which indicates marijuana usage. The sample is then sent on to the GC/MS for confirmation. The confirmation comes back negative for marijuana, but the original screen showed highly positive. Now the lab has conflicting results with a highly positive screen and negative GC/MS due to the use of Urine LuckTM.

At this point the lab suspects usage of adulterant and looks for tail tell signs such as acids, chromates, gluteraldhyde, nitrites, or pyridine. When no additive is detected the EMIT and GC/MS are performed again to rule out human error. When the second set of results come back similar to the first set of results, the sample is ruled unsuitable.

The tester will then be asked to come back in and provide another sample. The tester can pass this test by getting the screen to be only positive and not highly positive. This is accomplished via careful preparation. Basically the individual needs to stop burning fat and lower the THCA content of their urine. The following is a list of what to do.

To Lower THCA Levels in Urine:

  1. Stop smoking.
  2. No heavy exercise within 48 hours of test.
  3. Take a vitamin B complex with each meal 48 hours before test.
  4. If your stomach permits, take two Aspirin with each meal.
  5. Schedule test for the afternoon.
  6. Urinate 6-8 times before test.
  7. Eat lots of proteins and carbohydrates.
  8. Don't skip meals, especially breakfast (3 per day).
  9. Avoid foods high in sugar, fruits, and fruit juices.
  10. Use the entire vial of Urine Luck.
  11. Drink lots of fluids.
  12. Relax.