Information On How To Pass Your Test

At Euro Detox we supply information to help you understand the whole testing process and products to help you pass a urine test or hair test. All of our proven test products are engineered specifically for beating tests.

You will find reliable information on how to pass your test including; toxins of abuse, detection times, testing methods, technical aspects, urine constituents, false positive tests, inconclusive lab results, . suspected adulterated sample. as well as a list of UK  Retail Outlets where you can buy our products.

Pass A Drug Test Products

We supply a urine additive and synthetic urine substitute to also help you to pass your urine test by using our toxin-free urine instead of your own. Take a look at our solutions from the Absolute DeTox brand line of carbohydrate drinks. We also supply shampoo for hair follicle tests.

At Euro Detox we take your privacy very seriously and the information you provide when you place an order with us is treated in the strictest confidence. All orders are shipped discreetly and the packaging contains no reference to the product, company or site.

Although we do not condone the use of illicit substances, we are concerned about protecting privacy rights.

Experience. Innovation. Trusted.

Spectrum Labs have been manufacturing The World’s Best Detox Products since 1992. In that time they have helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world protect their privacy by enabling them to pass a test.

Random testing and pre-employment screens affect practically every worker and can be poorly regulated such that even toxin free workers taking over-the-counter medications can test positive falsely and lose their job.

At Spectrum Labs their motto is "Don’t Let Your Job Go Up In Smoke" Each product is public and private lab tested to ensure high quality capabilities against state of the art testing, to help you pass any employment test.